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Daily, numbers of websites are getting life, whether it be a blog site, e-commerce site or any other site. The website owning a business is taking new heights as many websites are going live and are growing with a high speed daily, and for preparing new websites, the top name that comes to everyone’s mind is WordPress.

WordPress is the leading content management system. With the new software, new problems also arise, the same as in this case, as more numbers of sites are getting live daily, more and several issues are also emerging.

To fix those problems that are arising daily on WordPress sites, here come the people who assure you to provide the fast and best solution for every issue of your WordPress site. Our website is WordPressRepair.ca, and I am sure that you must have known about our site, just by having a look at our quote that is “You Break It, We Fix It!”

Different areas where we are serving and helping WordPress website owners are-

1.Malware Infected sites- Before talking about any solution, let me first tell you that what can happen if your website is malware infected. If your site is malware infected then every single thing from the database of your site would be visible to the person who hacked or injected code to your site. Not only database, but every unique information about your website, whether it can be your account number if you have shared that on your site’s database, or it can be your password, email id, and much such information. This all would be available to the hacker if your website is malware infected, just think that every single data of your is open to the hacker, but don’t worry about that, we provide you secured solutions for such problems of your WordPress sites as soon as possible and as early as you submit your site to us.

2.Broken Sites – If you don’t know what broken site or broken link means, then let me tell you that, you must have heard about Error 404, if yes, then if any site shows this message, then you can say that the website or the link must get broken.

The broken link means, when a link does not takes you anywhere, at that time the web server sends a message of Error 404 to your web browser. It means that your site must have got hacked, but you don’t have to worry about it, we also deal in such problems, the moment you submit your site to us, we fix your WordPress site’s issue as soon as possible.

  1. Repair WordPress themes and plugins- Do you know what is the essential thing, from where your WordPress sites get hacked?

It is because of the help of your themes and plugins, choosing the perfect and trustable theme and the plugin is the hardest thing. In this case, you what happens is that whenever there are some issues in themes and plugins from the backend at that time, hackers take advantage of those problems and get easy access to your WordPress sites. However, as we said before, you don’t have to worry about it in this case also. We can set up, repair and then restore your WordPress theme or plugin as per your requirements.

4.White Screen of Death- I am sure that you all must have heard about it, that someone’s site is just showing a white screen and just nothing. This thing happened when some hacker had put a code that shows him everything but shows you only a white screen, and nothing else or some hacker might have got access to your site and cleared all your content from your website, in that case also site shows a white screen. Once you are showing a white screen, you are unable to do anything, except for one thing, that is submitting your site to us because we also deal with such problems too. This thing is called White Screen of Death, and it’s called so because you are unable to do anything under this problem.

We love working for you guys and helping you. If you are owning a blog/site on WordPress and want to stay away from all such nightmares of getting your website hacked and living a stress-free life, then we are always here for your help. Just leave every hacking site related problem to us, and you keep on working for growing your website higher. We check your site profoundly and have an in-depth look at the problem then provide the proper and best solution.

For any further clarification, you can mail us because we have a 24/7 email support.

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